By the age of three, Cassie had learned that if she was hungry, thirsty or her nappy was dirty, no one cared.

On the day she was taken into care, her parents—who were drug users—had left her alone in her cot for 14 hours.

Cassie’s foster parents, Colin and Trudy struggled to cope with such a deeply traumatised child. Cassie would sleep for no more than 20 minutes before waking and crying. During the day, she would have a meltdown every 30 minutes.

This Christmas, will you help provide the special support a child like Cassie urgently needs?

With your help, a trained trauma counselor like Linda could work closely with a family. Linda was with Cassie, Colin and Trudy almost every day at first as she put together a long-term plan of support for Cassie.

Your gift this Christmas could help a child feel safe, secure and loved for the first time.​​​​​​​


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At the age of three, Cassie had no words to say how frightened she was. 
When Cassie played, her fears came out—her doll was always abandoned, just like she was.
Linda helped Trudy and Colin learn new ways to soothe Cassie and help her feel safe and loved.