Lily was trapped in a world of fear

For 7-year-old Lily, all she knew was fear. For as long as she could remember her father had been violent to her mother. She would see her mum’s bruised face, hear her cries late at night, and hear her father’s growls.

Lily would often be hidden away in her room by her mother when her father came home drunk. She spent a lot of time alone in her room, hearing her mothers’ cries beyond her bedroom door.

She wanted to help, but her mum said no.

Home is a dangerous place for children like Lily. And in the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is more unsafe than ever. Children are spending more time at home, away from support networks. Parents are stressed and fearful. There are grave concerns for the safety of our vulnerable children.   

You can help children like Lily find a way out of terrible trauma, through our specialist counselling.

We urgently need your help to reduce the waiting list for our trauma counselling—which is already five months in some states. The longer that children have to wait, the more intensive the therapy required.  

​​​​​​​Please give now to help the most vulnerable children recover from trauma, so the rest of their lives aren’t haunted by violence and shrouded in fear.


I won't forget about children like Lily right now, when she needs help the most
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Children like Lily need you more than ever. With COVID-19 and the isolation measures, thousands of vulnerable children are at increased risk of abuse and family violence.

Vulnerable children are waiting up to

five months in some states for the specialised counselling services they desperately need. The longer they wait, the more the trauma is consolidated, and the more intensive the therapy required.

Our fundraising events have been cancelled due to COVID-19, leaving a significant shortfall when our services are needed most. Please help give abused and neglected children the support they need to recover and escape the fear forever.