Counselling is essential. We need your help to continue providing support to children who have experienced family violence and abuse.

We are all in very scary and uncertain times. I'm sure you can imagine, there would be nothing scarier for a child who is a victim of family violence or abuse, than finding themselves alone at a time when they need us the most.

We are committed to the safety and care of these children, but we can’t do it without you.

During times like these, the risk for children being exposed to family violence or other forms of abuse is much greater. Children impacted by violence and neglect are already in environments where they experience high levels of stress and anxietyPlease will you help these children, at a time they need it the most.

With ­school closures now starting to happen across the country, there is greater risk for breakdowns in the circles of care that would surround these children. These children already feel that the adults in their lives have failed them. Those who were meant to love and care for them, have hurt them. It’s our priority to keep supporting them, communicating with them and helping them.

As physical contact becomes increasingly more difficult, we are implementing alternative ways of connecting and supporting children, and their helping their carers to cope under the stress of all this uncertainty and anxiety. We are setting up new ways of delivering our trauma counselling and care, to continue communicating with children and families, to be their lifeline. For over 30 years, we have worked with childhood trauma and the anxiety and conflict that comes from uncertainty and chaos. We are well equipped to mobilise and respond to this crisis, but we will need your help to sustain our service delivery.

We know times are tough, and we are so grateful that you, like us, are willing to prioritise vulnerable children at this time.

Please give now to help us continue supporting vulnerable and at risk children in these uncertain times.


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Of the children supported by the Foundation, 66% have been abused by their own biological parent.

Right now over 800 children are receiving specialist support from the Foundation to heal from the trauma of abuse and family violence.

We know that family violence and abuse will often escalate at times of crisis. Please give what you can today.